Friday, February 23, 2007

The Visitor Series

Since January I've been working on a series of paintings based on the theme of a face distorted through textured glass. I'm really drawn to glass as a subject and will certainly complete more paintings focusing on these sorts of distortions and the abstract qualities of such a subject matter.
Here are the progression pictures for the fourth in the series which I completed today. The other paintings can be viewed on my website.

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Jason de Graaf said...

I didn't think "Fertility" would fair well at the Saatchi thing, I'm too old school. Judging by your craftsmanship you probably know that craftsmanship isn't exactly "in" with the new crowd. I didn't even want to enter that piece, I have a hard time uploading images to that site. Thanks for your comments though! I really like your works, especially the flowers.