Monday, October 29, 2007

Summer's End

Summer's End

oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

For this painting I decided to work on a larger scale than I've been used to and I'm now keen to try some more larger paintings as there are advantages to working on this scale, not least that I can more easily add detail.

I returned to one of my favourite subjects, hydrangeas, and in this painting I wanted to focus on the changes from the fresh, vibrant summer flowers through to the faded dried flowerheads (saved from last autumn). I love the way the flowers go through a whole range of colour changes, both when left on the shrub in the garden, and when cut and allowed to slowly dry out. Last years flower heads still have slight touches of blue and pink here and there. I intend adding these subtle touches of colour using glazes later when the paint has dried, but for now here's the painting from the initial underpainting to the final result.


Carla said...

Alison, you really make beautifull paintings.

sreenivas said...

nice painting and wip.

Angie Phillip said...

Hi Alison - I found your work on the painters site and that's how I reached your blog. I wanted to thank you for posting the development of your painting. Are you likely to be exhibiting your pictures in Leeds? I would love to come and see them.
With best wishes

Alison said...

Angie, I have some of my work on show at the Calder Gallery in Hebden Bridge ( until January. So far I have no plans to exhibit my work in Leeds. I don't know if Hebden Bridge is too far to travel for you?